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Peggy Gaffney’s Kate Killoy Mysteries


My name is Peggy Gaffney and I am the author of the Kate Killoy Mysteries, Suspense for the Dog Lover which have been described as Die Hard meets Best In Show.

My protagonist, Kate, is a fashion designer who breeds, trains and shows Samoyed dogs and who has a knack for getting involved in crime. Her fiancé, Harry Foyle, is a former math geek for the FBI who now has his own cybersecurity company. Together they find themselves involved in everything from international intrigue to a hacking theft of millions, to threats against the country, while operating within the world of show dogs, mathematics, and fashion.

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Book two in the series, PUPPY PURSUIT, involves a trip cross-country to Texas to bring home a puppy sired by Kate’s grand champion Samoyed, Dillon. Harry comes along to visit a former professor who has just been accused of the theft of millions. As they battle to stop the crime, the hacker becomes the hunter with murderous intent. Wounded but determined our heroes flee across the country with an eight-week-old puppy in tow.

Kanine Books (August 30, 2016) 248 pages

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Book one in the series, FASHION GOES TO THE DOGS, takes place in Manhattan during the country’s most famous dog show where Kate is having her first fashion show of Knits for the Dog Lover. Kate and Harry face mistaken identity placing Kate’s life in danger, attempted kidnapping and murder.

Kanine Books (January 30, 2015) 347 pages


Available to all bookstores through Ingram.

Available to all bookstores through Ingram.

Ask your librarian to order the book.

Ask your librarian to order the book.

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