Peggy Gaffney – The Kate Killoy Mysteries

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        For those of you with a love of Suspense with a twist, this is the first in the Kate Killoy Mystery series. You get to meet our protagonist, Kate, who is a designer of knits (sweaters, hats, skirts, etc.) for the dog loving crowd who also shows her Samoyed dogs and Harry Foyle a former geek for the FBI who now has his own cyber security company plus a whole cast of dog loving characters in New York City for the dog show. Kate’s friends are helping with her first New York fashion show when an international incident and a case of mistaken identity have our dog nut and her genius boyfriend running for their lives. Think ‘Die Hard meets Best In Show.’

        Puppy Pursuit, the second in the series, pits Kate and Harry against cyber criminals out to steal millions. Their job to stop them is complicated since they have an eight-week old puppy in tow.

        The third book in the series National Security will be out in spring, 2017. Here Kate and Harry must take on a nest of spies who think Kate holds some vital secret information. The trick is to stop them from killing Kate to get it while competing against more than six-hundred Samoyeds.

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