Peggy Gaffney – The Kate Killoy Mysteries

Fun at the Samoyed National

Samoyeds, Samoyeds, and more Samoyeds

There were more than 600 entries at the Samoyed National Specialty in Huron, Ohio in October, and with that many Samoyeds, there was a lot of fun going on. Competition ranged from the classic breed judging on all levels from small puppies to the Best of Breed judging which took an entire day. But Samoyeds are all-around dogs. So there was competition for titles in herding, agility, weight pull, lure coursing (non-title event), obedience, rally, as well as elements of the dog. The owners competed in the art show which has grown to such a high level of artistry with the talent found among these dog breeders.

Dillon in the ring.

My dog Dillon, shown here with his handler Linda Kitzman, is the namesake of the hero dog in my Kate Killoy Mysteries. He was showing like a trooper in his class and managed to bring home a trophy and ribbon. But the best part was he enjoyed running around the ring.

If you’ve never attended a live dog show, find one nearby and go. It’s lots of fun and you’ll be amazed at not only the number of different breeds there are but at how well-behaved they are.