Peggy Gaffney – The Kate Killoy Mysteries

Kate Killoy meets Anastasia Pollack

kate-killoy-dillon-and-harryPeggy Gaffney’s favorite dog loving sleuth, Kate Killoy, tells Lois Winston’s favorite craft’s editor and reluctant amateur sleuth about the adventure that got her started fighting crime.

Lois Winston's Anastasia Pollack blog - for guest appearance

Kate tells Anastasia, this craft editing sleuth, about her Samoyed dogs and knitting and the dangers she faced in a battle to stop, international intrigue, attempted kidnapping and murder, while attending NYC’s most famous dog show and having her first fashion show for dog lovers.

Kate includes one of Peggy’ Gaffney’s mitten patterns in the tale. Go to:…/crafts-with-anastasi….

The get together of these two sleuths came about as Kate shared the story behind Fashion Goes to the Dogs and Peggy’s pattern for two-needle paw mittens.