Peggy Gaffney – The Kate Killoy Mysteries

NATIONAL SECURITY the new suspense novel from Peggy Gaffney

The Samoyed National becomes ground zero in a fight to keep the country from being destroyed. The FBI and NSA realize Kate knows the answer, but Kate can’t even figure out the question.   NATIONAL SECURITY, the third book in Peggy Gaffney’s Kate Killoy Mystery series of Suspense for the Dog Lover, is filled with fast-paced excitement.

Kate and her fiance Harry are looking forward to attending the Samoyed National. Their lives are turned upside down when a friend of Kate’s is murdered. Instead of spending a week surrounded by hundred of their favorite smiling white Arctic dogs, they must work to find a clue left by a dead woman. Killers try to stop Kate since they’ve heard she has the information. Kate recruits a retired Russian spy, the Coyote, to help her find the clue. It’s the only way to stop this evil. For Harry, the most important element is–with Kate as the main target–to keep her alive.