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Press Release
Peggy Gaffney


International intrigue collides with the highly competitive world of dog shows in the new Kate Killoy Mystery by Peggy Gaffney.

When you’re being hunted by a killer, it helps to have a dog guarding your back.

Cheshire, CT, March 20, 2015—A case of mistaken identity that almost gets her killed, throws fashion designer and dog breeder Kate Killoy and Harry Foyle, a former geek for the FBI into a search for a killer
before he commits his next murder—hers.

Set against the backdrop of New York City at the end of Fashion Week and the start of the country’s most famous dog show, this fast paced suspense novel gives a peek into the highly competitive world of pure bred dogs. In New York City to launch her first fashion line and exhibit her champion Samoyed, Dillon, Kate finds herself pulled into a world international intrigue. Between dodging attempts on her life and finding a dead body on her fashion show’s runway, Kate meets the handsome Harry Foyle, who, for a math genius, has serious defense skills. He offers to help, but Harry may pay a price for keeping this sassy and fearless dog nut safe. He might lose more than his life – he might lose – his heart.

“The best advice given an author is to write what you know,” said author Peggy Gaffney. “I have been raising purebred Samoyed show dogs my entire adult life and have been knit designing clothing for dog owners for twenty years. So to weave these two worlds together in this exciting mystery allowed me to share these worlds I love with readers as well as giving me a lot of writing fun.” Fashion Goes to the Dogs – A Kate Killoy Mystery is the first book in the series. (Kanine Publishing, February, 2015, ISBN-978-1507780688, $15.00 available at in both print and Kindle format.)

Kate and Harry both grew up on the outside of “normal” life, Kate as a child competing against adults in a life of showing dogs and Harry, in college from elementary school, burying himself in one of higher mathematics. Together they must overcome inexperience and awkwardness as they deal with their growing attraction to each other while learning to trust one another and use their individual skills to survive in this fast paced romantic suspense mystery.

The idea for this book came from the years Peggy Gaffney spent at Westminster Kennel Club shows meeting with breeders and designing custom knit sweaters for them that pictured their dogs. The glamour and excitement of that week each year and the camaraderie of those who inhabit this dog world provided an excellent setting to launch the first in the Kate Killoy Mystery series.

The story would appeal to anyone who loves dogs and all the activities we do with them. Though Kate’s Samoyed Dillon holds center stage in the novel, there is a large canine cast to add to the fun and help fight the danger.

Some Reviews:

Author Frances Gilbert – “Fashion Goes to the Dogs – a novel that proceeds at a rattling speed and has something for everyone – dogs/ knitters/ fashionistas/ love/ crime/ NYcity/ international plotting/ royalty/ shamrock pride – am hoping that green eyed Harry appears in the next book and Dillon gets a book of his own!”

Amazon 5 star review – Dog mysteries. I love them By np, on February 14, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition. “This story starts with a makeover. Then we get introduced to a gorgeous Samoyed and an afghan. We then get involved in a dog fashion show with a dastardly international murderous plot. A very strong Kate. What more could you want?”

Amazon 5 star review – Really enjoyed this read By Suzanne on March 5, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. “Really enjoyed this read. Peggy created a fun heroine and surrounding characters. Liked her layering the mystery in with the character’s love for dogs and participation in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show (re-named for the book)…will enjoy reading further installments.”

Peggy Gaffney photoAbout the Author: Peggy Gaffney is also the author of ten knitting. This includes the Crafty Dog Knits series with individual books for: Samoyeds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands, Welsh Corgis and Poodles. She also created the Crafty Cat Knits and the Crafty Llama and Alpaca Knits. Her most recent knitting book was a collection of outfits for children entitled Knit a Kitten, Purl a Puppy. She has also written a book on publishing. In college she studied creative writing but life and careers as a teacher and a librarian and from the time her son was ten months old, that of a single parent, kept her dream of being a novelist at bay ‘til now.

Peggy has been active in the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association where she has held numerous directorships. She is presently director CAPA University, the Writing, Publishing and Marketing Conference which will celebrate its 12th year on May 9th in Hartford. She is also an active member of Sisters in Crime national and Sisters in Crime New England and continues her dog activities as a member of the Samoyed Club of America.

Peggy Gaffney is an active speaker on writing, publishing and marketing books, designing knits and raising dogs.

Fashion Goes to the Dogs - Front Cover - revision 4-25-15_edited-2About the Book: Fashion Goes to the Dogs – A Kate Killoy Mystery, is a romantic suspense novel set in the sphere of purebred dog showing which becomes very dangerous when invaded by international intrigue and a killer who finds Kate expendable.

It is the first book in the series. (Kanine Publishing, February, 2015, ISBN-978-1507780688, $15.00 available at in both print and Kindle form and in bookstores and libraries.)




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